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 Liz Bright

Room One - Piwakawaka

Mrs Liz Bright

Mr Greg Codyre (Principal)


Room One is Year level 5-8.

Liz Bright is the classroom teacher in Room 1. She has over 12 years teaching experience of a range of levels. 

She is passionate about empowering children to find their voice and to develop their own passions and interests. 

She is a strong believer in making connections and building relationships and she believes that education is the springboard for success, in whatever form that is for students. 

Her teaching style allows students to take risks and to develop the independence that support students to become life long learners. 

Outside of school Liz enjoys spending time with family and friends, particularly in the outdoors. This includes fishing, scuba diving, snowboarding and camping. 

Once a week the Principal teaches in Room 1. Greg has over 23 years of teaching experience and uses this knowledge to ensure that the day he is teaching is beneficial to student learning, maintains the ongoing values and culture within the class . Where possible Greg extends students understanding and learning. Greg also does a weekly Maths Programme with Senior Students, to support their progress and readiness for high school. 


Greg Codyre 

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