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To unleash the potential of all

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We currently have 3 classrooms and a roll of just over 50 students. 

We have 3 teachers and a teaching principal, who teaches the senior room one day  a week.  

Here at Kimbolton School we have a strong focus on values. We have a core set of values that we educate the students around, with the intention being to have all students demonstrating all of these values by the time they move onto high school. 

With low class numbers all students at Kimbolton School receive, where required, individual learning opportunities. 

When a student starts at Kimbolton School at age 5 they go into a classroom with a focus on creative learning, combined with key academic understandings.  

We are an award winning Enviroschool and have a teacher who works across the school one day a week.

We own and operate two school buses.

We have our own covered and heated swimming pool.

We are one of four schools which make up the Oroua Cluster School Group.


4 Henderson Street

RD 54 



​Phone:     3285880




Principal - Greg Codyre

Chairperson - Wayne Jenkins             Property Officer - Josh Brennan

Finance Officer - Stewart Morton

Health & Safety - Sara Martin

School Buses - Naomi Clifton

Staff Representative - Kirsty Early

Minutes Secretary - Judy Rush


We use 'SchoolDocs' to design and review our policies.

1.  Click Search for your school.

2. Start typing the school's name and select it from the  dropdown list.

3. Enter Username:  kimbolton  Password:  4774


Audited Financial Statement 2023

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